Service commitment

With the continuous expansion of the product application area, ensuring pre-sale, sale, service standardization, validity, timeliness is closely related to the interests of users, has increasingly become the focus of attention of the customer, Pioneer constantly optimize the internal management, and implementation of a series of service measures to make the service system was the perfect embodiment.
Pre-sale service:
Pioneer company of "quality as a pioneer, serving as a backing" concept, based on customer comments and requests referred, comprehensive analysis, with the fastest speed to design a complete program, recommend to customers the most suitable for the actual demand for the product, and let customers know the performance characteristics of the selected product.
Sale service:
Pioneer has a sense of service and professional services team, the constant contact with customers, so that customers know exactly complete schedule of the product. In addition, Pioneer in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms of production, delivery, to ensure product is intact and within the prescribed time to the place of customer requirements.
After-sale service:
(A) Pioneer will provide free technical guidance to customer requirements, installation methods and precautions, or directly provide installation services.
(B) Pioneer's valve products in the warranty period (12 months), under normal storage, maintenance, use conditions, if quality problems, the company responsible for the pioneer free repair or replacement, and provide the relevant maintenance knowledge ; as a result of improper use of the damage caused by valves or not working properly, the company's products provide a paid service. Valve product is not under warranty, it will provide a paid service.
(C) Pioneer company received quality information feedback, we will put forward opinions within 24 hours, and arrived on the scene to do deal with the problem within 100 hours, to be normal operation, and then analyze the causes and define responsibilities.
Or more of the Company's commitment to each user, each user oversight!