Wenzhou Pioneer Valve Co., Ltd. is located in Longwan, Wenzhou City, It is a technology innovation enterprise that integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service. "OULIFA", "Pioneer" and "HABONIM"  are all registered trademarks of the company.

Pioneer has gone through more than 30 years of development, accumulated rich technical experience, and independently programmed ERP enterprise management software, achieving enterprise information management. In production practice, we actively digest and absorb advanced technology for further innovation. Our products are processed using high-precision CNC equipment, and each valve undergoes strength testing, sealing pressure testing, and sealing test before leaving the factory. In addition, for valves that are suitable for special occasions, we need to undergo low leakage testing and stricter helium mass spectrometer leak detection testing to ensure reliable and durable quality, which is highly praised by domestic and foreign customers. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

The company has three major business units, the General Valve Business Unit: mainly producing ultra short ball valves, high platform ball valves, jacket insulated ball valves, multi-channel ball valves, hydraulic ball valves, metal sealed ball valves, V-shaped regulating ball valves, sanitary grade ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. The products are widely used in fields such as chemical, biopharmaceutical, new materials, natural gas, shipbuilding, printing and dyeing, coatings, environmental protection, refrigeration, oil and fat, brewing, fine chemical, daily chemical, food and beverage, and water treatment. Tank Bottom Valve Business Unit: Tank Bottom Discharge Ball Valve, Tilting Tank Bottom Ball Valve, Hard Seal Tank Bottom Ball Valve, Jacket Insulated Tank Bottom Ball Valve, Hygienic Grade Non Detention Tank Bottom Ball Valve, Safety Low Pollution Sampling Valve. The product has been successfully applied in reaction kettle discharge or sampling in industries such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, new materials, coatings, lithium batteries, resins, etc. Vacuum Valve Business Unit: mainly produces high vacuum ball valves, high vacuum baffle valves, high vacuum solenoid valves, high vacuum differential pressure valves, high vacuum inflation valves, high vacuum butterfly valves, high vacuum plug valves, and high vacuum pipe fittings. The products are applied in vacuum technology applications such as machinery, electronics, metallurgy, refrigeration, medicine, optics, new energy, environmental protection, aerospace, and scientific research (such as vacuum smelting, vacuum coating, semiconductor, photovoltaic, vacuum freeze-drying, vacuum testing, lighting electronics, vacuum packaging, etc.).

The company's business philosophy is to “take quality as the vanguard and innovation as the backing” Continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, win-win cooperation, and building on the past, Pioneer sincerely establishes long-term friendly cooperative relationships with new and old customers both domestically and internationally.

  • Core spirit
    Forge ahead, mutual benefit and win-win, dedicated equipment
  • Enterprise spirit
    Advance with the times, surpass ourselves, and pursue excellence
  • Enterprise's goal
    Build a quality enterprise, create a brand enterprise
  • Corporate style
    Integrity and affinity, strict norms.Practical and efficient, hardworking and enterprising
  • Trademark meaning
    Originated from European technology.Promote the smooth development of enterprises
  • Employee image
    Love and dedication, civilized and disciplined.Everything is rigorous, everyone strives for excellence
  • Manager image
    Strictly control the company and be enthusiastic about employees.Be responsible for your work and be honest and honest with yourself
  • Corporate image
    Capable university team, superior quality products.Strict and harmonious management, sincere and dedicated service
  • 1988

    June, Set up the Wenzhou Shacheng Hualian Valve Factory

    October, Started making Italian style super-short ball valve

  • 1993

    Changed the name to Wenzhou Ouhai Hualian Valve Factory(stock cooperative)

  • 1999

    May, Registered the trademark of "OULIFA"

  • 2001

    November, Changed the name to Wenzhou Hualian Valve Factory

  • 2002

    December, Past through the ISO900:2000 quality management system certification

  • 2003

    August, Changed the name to Wenzhou Pioneer Valve Co.,Ltd upon restructuring

  • 2005

    September, Become the vice president of Wenzhou Longwang Valve Association

    October, Started researching and developing and production the vacuum valve

    December, Become the member of valve branch of China General Machinery Industry Association

  • 2006

    June, Registered the trademark of "Pioneer"

    October, Got the merit enterprises name of China Valve City

  • 2007

    April, Got the TS association of the Manufacture License Of Special Equipment Of China(pressure piping components)

    August, Compiled the standard of super-short ball valve and made it registration

    December,Ultra-short jacketed ball valves and other products were selected in the "China Valve New Product List"

  • 2008

    October, Development and production the tilt tank bottom ball valve, and with its own brand exporting countries and regions in Southeast Asia

  • 2009

    May, the tank bottom ball valve was exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions with its own brand

  • 2010

    August, Set up the Vacuum Valve Division and volume production full range of vacuum valve

  • 2011

    November, Develop high pressure metal seated ball valve

  • 2012

    March, Develop electric adjusting ball valve for HVAC refrigerant air conditioning

  • 2013

    August, Start manufacturing titanium, hastelloy alloy material etc

  • 2014

    October, joined the Technical Equipment Committee of China Detergent Industry Association

  • 2015

    January, developed and produced a new type of sampling ball valve

    April, it passed the EU "CE" certification

    November, it was awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise" in "China Valve City"

  • 2016

    In February, won the title of "Famous Brand Trademark" in Longwan District, Wenzhou City

  • 2017

    August, Launched new semiconductor-grade high vacuum ball valves

  • 2018

    October, Successfully developed a new product of inclined hard-sealed jacketed tank bottom ball valve

  • 2020

    October, Won the Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

  • 2022

    In September, the safe and low pollution sampling valve was successfully developed

  • 2023年

    In May, the control valve products passed the functional safety "SIL3" certification

    In November, he joined the control valve branch of China Mechatronics Technology Application Association

SALES NETWORK On the basis of accumulating talents, technology, brand and scale advantages, Pioneer is actively building the market network as a key point.

At present, Pioneer Enterprises has gradually formed a series of domestic sales systems and established friendly business contacts with countries and regions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and the United States.